About JSA

About the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists (JSA)

Welcome to the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists (JSA), an Incorporated Public Interest Association. We represent more than 13,000 physician and 270 non-physician members, including 57 members outside of Japan.

Since being established in 1954, we have strived to raise the standards for the field of anesthesiology in Japan and around the world. Over time, the scope of our focus has expanded into excellence in the anesthesia subspecialties of cardiac, thoracic, obstetric, regional, pediatric anesthesia. In addition, we are now extending into the fields of critical care, pain medicine, emergency medicine, and palliative care.

Our official journal, The Journal of Anesthesia (ISSN: 0913-8668 (Print) 1438-8359 (Online)), delivers high impact studies selected by its International Editorial Board Members.

Datura, an angel’s trumpet, is emphasized in the JSA logo. In 1804, Seishu Hanaoka, a physician in the Edo era, successfully performed surgery under general anesthesia using the extract of Datura. This event is now considered the first successful physician provided general anesthesia in the world.

We display this logo; a symbol of our anesthesiologists’ dedication to holding out helping hands to bring excellence in the field throughout the globe.

Our mission is to promote continuous improvement in patient care. We do this through our commitment to the highest levels of education for anesthesiologists, cutting edge research, and advancements in medical technology. We strive to lead global efforts to deliver the finest quality of professional care in anesthesiology.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts.

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