Meetings & Activities

Meetings & Activities

Annual Academic Meetings of the JSA
Annual Satellite Meetings of the JSA

Let’s discover your scientific opportunities at the Annual Academic Meetings of the JSA and Annual Satellite Meetings of the JSA!

The two JSA meetings, Annual Academic Meetings and Annual Satellite Meetings, are the meetings that provide clinicians, researchers, and trainees or students with unique learning opportunities and bonding experiences for more than 14,800 annual participants from throughout Japan and across the world, including 55 international speakers (data from the 2018 JSA meetings).

Discover educational topics and formats that matter to you, explore trending topics, grow your professional network, and access the latest products and services.

The world-class speakers present the most updated and pivotal topics, in the forms of a wide variety of educational sessions: keynote lectures, educational sessions, symposia, problem-based learning tables, and hands-on workshops.

Cutting-edge clinical and basic research studies are peer-reviewed and presented on each subspecialty: Circulatory, Respiratory, Neurologic, Pediatric and Obstetric, Palliative and Regional Pain, Critical Care and Intensive Care, Anesthesia Related, and Overall Anesthesia. The best presentation awards are nominated and selected for each subspecialty for a minimum of 20 prizes each year (as of 2018).

The annual academic JSA meeting is held for three days in every spring with over 10,000 attendees including invited speakers and general presenters from countries worldwide. An English online submission system is available on the official website, and discussions at the active English sessions were achieved starting from the 65th meeting. Meetings are held in the cities of Kobe, Yokohama, or Fukuoka, with easy access from all over the world. All of the session schedules and their abstracts can be browsed on the JSA original application for smart devices.

The annual satellite JSA meetings (6 local regional meetings) are held for one day every autumn in the cities of Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Matsue, and Fukuoka (in 2019). In these meetings, there are larger numbers of presentations by young anesthesiologists, mainly of case reports and preliminary studies, compared to the annual JSA meetings. The characteristics of each local branch are well expressed in each meeting.

These meetings are the best opportunities to learn of cutting-edge sciences, medical innovations, or to develop future collaborations and to think about personal next challenges, in a face-to-face style.

We, the Annual Academic Meetings and Annual Satellite Meetings of the JSA, aim to progress science through the implementation of academic improvement to the fields of Anesthesiology and related medical fields.