International Collaborations

About the International Affairs Committee of JSA

The International Affairs Committee of JSA works with the Asian Australasian Regional Section (AARS) of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) to promote international exchange mainly, in the Asian region, according to JSA’s mission.

Our efforts to foster internationally minded health care professionals have focused on the following three goals, and we have listed specific examples accomplished for each.

1. Collaboration with anesthesia societies around the world, including WFSA, AARS and SOAP:
- We have sent delegations from JSA to the World Congress of Anesthesia (WCA) (Since 2004, Held every four years).
- From 2013, we have organized the East Asia Society of Anesthesia (EACA), alternately hosted by the anesthesia societies of China, Korea, and Japan.
- The first JSA-SOAP Joint Symposium was started in 2007, in Banff, Canada, in light of the expanding collaboration between the JSA and the SOAP. The second meeting was planned for workshops and symposiums in 2011, ; however, we held back due to natural disaster ( We are in the process of creating meeting plans to continue this exciting collaboration.

2. Facilitation of international exchange of knowledge and personnel, with a focus on raising the standard of care in developing areas through provision of technical assistance and guest lectures:
- We have responded to guest lectures’ requests from the Federated States of Micronesia (2017 and 2019).

3. Provide global learning environments and opportunities to JSA members:
- We have accepted physicians from developing countries in Asia for academic exchange (2016-2018).
- We have organized symposia relating to international exchange at JSA annual meetings.